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Who are we?

Rural Australians for Refugees: Bellingen and Nambucca District

Who are we?

We are a group of some 650 local citizens who are united in our commitment to achieving a realistic, fair, humane and compassionate national asylum seeker policy. A policy which reflects Australia's international obligations and which recognises that we have a world-wide refugee crisis from which we should not seek to isolate ourselves. We are not affiliated to any political party. We do have links with the National RAR group.

What are we trying to do?
We are seeking to shift the public perception of asylum seekers and refugees. We strive to do so by providing factual, objective information about refugee issues, about government policy and pronouncements, and about our obligations under international law. We want to end the demonisation of asylum seekers by politicians and the media and to support the efforts of all people and groups of good will who are working towards an evidence-based, humane and lawful set of responses to refugee issues. We seek the urgent closure of offshore detention centres.

How do we campaign?

 Since 2014 we have worked to inform the public and to influence politicians through a range of activities, which have included:
  • sending out weekly updates to our 650+ supporters.
  • providing information to the public at our local market stalls.
  • organising regular roadside demonstrations.
  • writing letters to the press and to politicians of all parties.
  • collecting signatures on petitions to politicians.
  •  organising fundraising events to support national refugee charities.
  • regular postings on our Facebook page and on our blog.
  • meeting together at intervals to discuss and plan our activities.
  • selling refugee-related merchandise on our market stalls, with all profits donated to refugee charities.

How can you help us to promote the plight of asylum seekers in 2022?
  • sign up to receive our weekly updates.
  • join us at our market stalls in Bellingen, Valla Beach and Coffs Harbour.
  • take part in our fortnightly roadside demonstrations.
  • put a RAR bumper sticker on your car.
  • contribute to our letter-writing campaigns.
  • attend our occasional discussion, planning and social meetings.
  • support our fundraising activities.
Our contact details:

Email:   Blog: Updated Feb. 2022

In our name, as Australian Citizens,  we expect compassion for asylum seekers.

Asylum Seekers
 out of sight
in Papua-New Guinea?
Out of mind?