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Mike's email to NSW Labor Senators on Caucus debate

Please see below the email that I have sent to our four Labor NSW Senators. I copied the emails to Melissa Parke and Anna Burke
Dear Senator Dastyari,
I understand that the Labor Caucus will be debating the Party’s asylum policy on 10th November. This is a critically important opportunity for the party to reset the current toxic, cruel and inhumane policy endorsed at your recent Party conference. It’s time to acknowledge that locking up children and their families in indefinite detention is  utterly inhumane, has no bearing on the issue of deterring would-be asylum seekers and is in contravention of our international obligations. We are punishing and ruining the lives of innocent people for narrow political interests, which is unforgivable. An increasingly  large and well informed section of the Australian public has had enough of the hand-wringing and self-serving commentary from our politicians, both Labor and Coalition. As a committed member of Rural Australians for Refugees, I have long since lost count of the number of decent Australians who attend our market stalls and tell me that they feel ashamed to be Australian.  That is truly shocking, and the Labor Party needs to acknowledge that, to date, it has been part of the problem, rather than the solution, in relation to the treatment of asylum seekers.  We are seeking and demanding a principled, humane  and compassionate policy, which recognises both our international obligations and the enormity of the current international refugee crisis , caused in no small part by the  history of western nations’ intervention in the Middle East and neighbouring countries.
I do hope that you will support Melissa Clarke’s and Anna Burke’s principled motion, and give our asylum seekers some hope for the future.
Yours sincerely
Mike Griffin
Valla Beach NSW 2448

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