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letter to Senator Di Natale concerning petition signed by 1396 people, asking Greens' to bring attention to plight of asylum seekers - 10 October 2016

 10th October 2016

Dear Senator Di Natale,

Please find attached a letter to the Prime Minister which sets out the deep concerns shared by many Australians about our nation's cruel, inhumane and extremely expensive offshore detention policy. As you will note, the letter was accompanied by a petition signed by 1396 people.
We are familiar with the Greens' policy on asylum seekers, and we are pleased that we have one party in the Parliament which speaks up for a humane and just solution to the current cruel and morally reprehensible policy.
We would be grateful if you and your parliamentary colleagues could use the details of our petition in any way that you can to bring the plight of our asylum seekers and refugees to the attention of the Parliament and to the wider public.
                                                                                                            Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                            Mike Griffin
                                                            On behalf of Rural Australians for Refugees.

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