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Poem - the reasons for migrating

I came across a poem by Dr. Ali Alizadeh, a senior lecturer in Literary Studies Monash University, called "Immigration".  It is a wonderful, succinct declaration of the reasons for migrating.   It fits very well for refugees.
I have asked Ali for his permission for us to reprint this poem in our newsletter.   If you think it is suitable perhaps it could be included when there is space.  Ted Lourey

 Ali Alizadeh

I'll tell you why.
To survive
the onslaught of religion.
To outlive
the ghosts of martyrs.
To recover
from the world's longest war since WWII.  To live
beyond the hatreds of patriotism.   To see
the kinder face of humanity. 
To think
free of the Faith's manacles. 
 To believe
without the obligation of forming belief.  
 To discover
the basic joy of being.  
 The price?  I'll tell you.  
Marginalised to the point
 of disappearance.
Barred for nothing
more profound than a shade
 of skin, a tone
of speech, a taste
 of lifestyle.   Alienated
beyond the word.
Ignored by the mighty.
  Detested by the commoner.
Worth it?  Doubtless.
To finally grasp   humanity's fraudulent truth.
To dream the sweetness of equality.  
 To see past
the facade of brotherhood.  
 To be touched
you might say, by the rays
of a luminous discovery.
To abandon,
all faith, and come to cherish
the immense solitude
of non-believing.
To desire.  To know
the power of desire.  To wait
joyfully amid the unpalatable sadness.
Recommend it?
Only to loathsome enemies

and to my dearest friends.

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