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Two letters to Pat Conaghan MP for Cowper re the Murugappan Family.

 Dear Mr. Conaghan,

I was heartened to hear the new leader of the Nationals Party adding his voice in support of the Murugappan family. Like so many Australians, he believes that it is time to end the uncertainty for this family, and to let them return to, and settle in, Biloela. He went so far as to say that, if the little girls’ names had been “Jane and Sally”, this matter would have been concluded a long time ago.

Do you agree with Barnaby Joyce’s assessment of the situation? Will you now join your leader in calling on the government to release the family from community detention in Perth and to allow them to restart their lives in Biloela, where the community will welcome them with open arms?

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mike G.........

........Valla Beach NSW 2448



Dear Mr Conaghan,


As we know, the Nationals Party now has a new leader in Barnaby Joyce. In recent times he has expressed the view that the Murugappan family should be allowed to return to Biloela and be granted permission to stay in Australia .

Many of us support this view and are concerned to know what your own position is on this . Do you support the view of your new leader and can we look forward to support from your party to put an end to the years of isolation and suffering of this family?  They have the support of their community in Biloela , the husband was in work and they were no drain on the public purse. As the situation has unfolded, millions of dollars have been spent keeping the family isolated on Christmas Island. Do you support this arrangement and will you be a voice in parliament to  press for the family to be able to return to their Queensland home ?

Yours sincerely,

Marlene G........

.........., Valla Beach NSW 2448


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