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Letter to A. Albanese M.P. re Temporary Protection Visas

To: '' <>
Subject: Labor policy on TPVs


Dear Mr. Albanese,

The Labor Party commendably went to the last Federal election promising to abolish temporary protection visas. The party recognized that offering just temporary protection to genuine refugees has consigned this cohort of some 30,000 people to living with permanent anxiety and uncertainty. The Coalition policy has inflicted immense suffering on a group of people who have met the criteria for our protection under international conventions. They pose no threat to our security, they work hard to contribute to Australian society, they pay their taxes, and yet we send them the clear message that they are not quite welcome here. To require them, every three or five years, to relive their trauma and to prove once again that they deserve our protection is both cruel and completely unnecessary. To deprive them of the possibility of family reunion consigns them to a life of unhappiness and stress.

I urge you, and the Labor Party which you lead, to resist the pressure to abandon the commitment to ending TPVs. Please  promise that at the next election you will retain your policy to grant permanent protection to all the refugees who are currently forced to spend their lives in a permanent limbo of stress and uncertainty.

Please stick to your principles, show compassion and humanity, and resist the calls from the usual quarters to demonstrate that you are as tough as the Coalition on refugees. The Australian people will reward you for it.

Yours sincerely,

M.... G......

Valla Beach NSW 2448

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