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Letter: Dear Minister Andrews,

Dear Minister Andrews,

Like everyone that I know, I was very pleased to read about the announcement of the agreement to settle 450 refugees in New Zealand over a three-year period.

It should not, however, have taken nine years to finalise. Nine years of suffering, nine years of shattered lives, nine years of despair. It is truly shameful that the Coalition government has been responsible for this deliberate cruelty, inflicted on people whose only “crime” was to flee their countries in fear of their lives, in the hope of seeking safety in Australia. For nine years, they have been vilified, mistreated and used as political pawns in an utterly unseemly contest to prove which party is the toughest on “border security”.

The finalising of this agreement , welcome as it is, will be widely regarded, given its timing, as yet another cynical ploy to win votes at the upcoming federal election. I can only hope that many Australians will see through this, and that the Coalition will be punished at the polls for its complete lack of moral integrity.

Mike G.....

Valla Beach NSW 2448

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