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Letter to Nambucca Guardian News support for Mary's letter

Dear Editor 
Mary Forbes is right to challenge the policies of the Coalition Government in relation to human rights issues ( letter to Guardian News July 15th) . 
The Border Force Act 2015 which was passed earlier this month is an example of the government’s lack of concern for such issues. It carries penalties of up to two years in prison for Australian doctors,  teachers, health workers and any other staff  who disclose information related to their work in offshore detention centres on Nauru or Manus Island. This effectively makes it impossible for them to raise any concerns about child abuse, sanitation, education or any other aspect of health or welfare.
It is difficult to see how this is justified when it would be seen as a serious a dereliction of duty not to report  similar issues here on the Australian Mainland. 
The consequences of the Border Force Act  for children and families held in detention will be devastating. Furthermore our international reputation is also at stake here.  Doctors, nurses, teachers  and others in the fields of welfare provision made their opposition to this act clear by organising country wide demonstrations last week including a well attended demonstration in Coffs Harbour . 
We have to ask ourselves what is it that the present government want to hide ?  Do they feel that if we were told the truth it could affect their standing in the polls?   Many of us feel that enough is enough. We don’t want to live in a secret society we look to our government for openness , honesty and integrity . Is this too much to ask ? 

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