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That is why I will vote for Caz Heise in the federal election on 21st May

 If not now, when?

Like so many people, I have become increasingly dismayed at what passes for political leadership and governance in our federal parliament. I’m shocked by the lack of integrity, I despair about the lack of serious action on climate change, and I’m angry about the way taxpayers’ money is so readily thrown around to shore up votes in Coalition and marginal seats.  I’m also concerned about growing wealth inequality, where the rich get richer, and more and more people sink into poverty and can’t afford even to rent a home. It’s disgraceful to see so much taxpayers’ money being thrown at wealthy private schools, whilst the public schools, which do all the heavy lifting, are seeing their funding reduced in real terms year on year. The Coalition clearly governs for the few, not the many, with the agenda set by the fossil fuels industry and other vested interests.  And finally, I am utterly dismayed by the government’s cruel and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, who have suffered so much torment under this government.

We need a serious reset in the way we do politics in this country. We need a government, and we need parliamentarians, who strive to represent the many, not the few. Parliamentarians who work on behalf of their constituents, rather than for the big donors and lobbyists who dictate the policies of the major parties.

That is why I will vote for Caz Heise in the federal election on 21st May. She is a beacon of hopea person of real integrity, compassion and intelligence. She has a keen grasp of the issues that matter to the people of Cowper, and she is an excellent listener and communicator. I know that she will work tirelessly in Canberra for the people of Cowper and for a fairer and better Australia.

Mike Griffin

Valla Beach

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