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Vote To End the Cruelty to Refugees

The Liberal/National Government has now detained refugees and asylum seekers on Nauru, in PNG and in various places of detention in Australia for just on 9 years. There have been some 14 deaths of detainees mostly by suicide, in Nauru and New Guinea over these years and many more of these people are suffering from serious long term mental health issues

The Government spends more than $4 million per refugee per year to keep 112 refugees out of sight and out of mind on the tiny island of Nauru.  That’s more than half a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money every year!

As the federal election approaches the Government has announced a belated agreement to transfer 450 refugees over 3 years for settlement in New Zealand. The NZ offer has been on the table since 2013. These places offered by New Zealand are not nearly sufficient to assist the 1200 refugees currently requiring a solution to their continuing uncertainty and despair.

These people have committed no crime. They have made often terrifyingly dangerous journeys to escape war, conflict, persecution and torture in their home countries and then simply exercised their legal rights under the Refugee Convention to seek asylum in Australia.

These people should be released into the community where they can live, work, pay taxes and contribute their skills and expertise to our country

At the upcoming election the Coalition parties must be held to account for this expensive, cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees. The Labor Party has also never raised any serious concerns about these draconian Government policies.

At the next election I urge voters to vote for a candidate who will support-

A government that treats asylum seekers and refugees with fairness and humanity

A government which declares  that it will end the mandatory detention of people seeking safety

A government that offers permanent protection to genuine refugees

A government that supports refugees and helps them to rebuild their lives and contribute to our society


Paul Bartholomew

Boambee East


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