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Dear Minister Giles, October 6, 2023



                                                                                                Valla Beach.

  NSW 2448                   

                                                                                                6th October 2023

Dear Minister Giles,

Please find attached an open letter, addressed to you, and signed by 442 visitors to our market stall in recent weeks.

We remain deeply concerned about the welfare of the many thousands of asylum seekers in our communities around the nation who continue to live in fear and uncertainty, more than a decade after they arrived to seek safety on our shores. It is important that your government allocates resources as a matter of urgency to resolve these outstanding cases. These people need to be enabled to rebuild their lives after their years of suffering. They are already here, they want to contribute to their communities, they are keen to work and for their children to learn. History shows that refugees have contributed greatly to Australian society. Please give these people the opportunity to do likewise.

I look forward to receiving a positive response to our open letter.


Yours sincerely,


Mike Griffin

Bellingen and Nambucca District RAR