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Our Roadside Demonstration


Our roadside demonstration for the people of Gaza attracted the largest number of supporters in our ten years of protest, with more than twenty people participating. The level of community anger and despair about the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, the terrible death toll and the almost total destruction of the Gaza strip was very clear. The great majority of passing motorists expressed their support by honking their horns, waving , flashing their lights and shouting their support.

This genocide must end. The international community must insist on an immediate ceasefire. If the Israeli government fails to respond, then urgent sanctions must follow. This cannot continue.

Our next roadside protest will take place on Thursday 8th February on Waterfall Way in Bellingen, near the entrance to the golf club, from 10.00 am until 11.30 am. Join us if you can.




A fairly quiet market in Bellingen for us.

A fairly quiet market in Bellingen for us, as we were not in a great spot, but we still attracted quite a lot of interest, and collected over 60 signatures on our open letter to the Minister for Home Affairs. 

It was good to see that a group of committed young people had organised a rally for the Palestinians in Gaza, who are being subjected to a terrible genocide at the hands of the Israeli military, whilst the Western world looks on, or looks the other way.


A big thank you to our team of faithful volunteers.



Our first RAR demonstration in support of the Palestinian people

 "A great turnout in Bellingen on Thursday morning for our first RAR demonstration in support of the Palestinian people. We had fifteen supporters waving their flags and placards, and the support from passing motorists was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. 


We are mindful of the fact that the great majority of the people in Gaza are refugees and their descendants from the terrible Nakba of 1948. Their current plight, facing constant bombardment, the destruction of their homes, hospitals, schools, UNRWA facilities and infrastructure is indescribable. There is nowhere safe for them to go, and some 30,000 of them, mostly women and children, have been killed. We need a ceasefire now, and we need a just settlement for the Palestinian people. There can be no peace without justice.

We will demonstrate again in the same spot on Thursday 25th January."