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letter to Hartsuyker March 2014 time in detention

Valla Beach
            NSW 2448
Dear Mr Hartsuyker,
Latest statistics reveal that asylum seekers in Australia are spending an average of more than 9 months in detention. This is four times longer than in July 2013 and far exceeds the average in other countries.
The national commission of audit stated recently that the average annual cost of detaining an asylum seeker in Australia is $ 239,000 and more than $400,000 for an asylum seeker held offshore. Contrasting with this it costs $100,000 to support an asylum seeker in community detention and only $ 50,000 to fund an asylum seeker on a bridging visa.
Considering that Australia, as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees , must by law provide protection to people fleeing persecution, the present government policies are highly questionable.
Long term detention has severe detrimental effects on psychological and physical health. In relation to the detention of children there are even more serious long term effects on their mental health. Lack of access to education creates even further problems which will have long term implications.
Compared to other refugee hosting countries Australia receives a very small number of refugees. Figures for 2012 revealed that asylum applications to Australia were less than 1.5% of the claims lodged across the world. Furthermore many refugees who come to Australia are educated , professional people who, given support and opportunities can be a great asset to Australian communities. It is precisely because of their high level of education and professional standing that many of them came to the attention of authorities in their own countries and precisely this that has necessitated their application for asylum in Australia and in other countries.
The Coalition Party mantra of ‘ Turn Back The Boats” is political posturing of the worst order and brings shame on Australia in the eyes of the world. You will have seen there is a groundswell of opinion in your constituency against these policies as illustrated by recent numbers participating in protest meetings such as “ March for March’ in Coffs Harbour .
As my Federal MP I would be interested to read your own views on present government policy. I read the ‘ Coalition Party Line’ every day in the press but to date I have no idea what your own views are and it would be helpful to understand your own position on these vital issues.
Yours sincerely,

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