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Contact with Asylum Seeker on Manus Island

A reply has been received from one  of the refugees on Manus to a letter written last year. 

He says he is one of 200 detainees in his compound, 3 people to a room - he says  -  (“I ask myself what was my fault? and I have just an answer that is ‘came by boat’).  These men have a small gym and 1 TV for everybody. He has internet access twice a week and phone access twice a week as well.

All sounds very bleak and hopeless to me as the government have determined that none of these detainees will be allowed to stay in Australia.

Now further correspondence has been received and an edited version follows

I'm glad to hear from you and thanks for replying to me.
I like also nature  and animals because when I was always in forest
and desert and mountain and I able to imagine your life and house as
I'm grateful for all your helps and such Australian like you .
I like Australia and Australian.

…… I had worked for someone in parlemant that I found something ancient and after torture by his friend I threatened and I had to leave my country.

I hope something change about policy because we are very tired after
23  month in Manus island .

I have talked…………to my family a few days ago.

…I write poem sometimes and I will send for you one of them if you like.

Thanks again for replying to me and I'm waiting  to read your email.

best wishes"

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