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Letter: Dear Minister Hawke,

 Dear Minister Hawke,

In the light of the recent court judgement relating to the youngest child of the Sri Lankan family held indefinitely on Christmas Island at huge expense to the taxpayer, surely now would be a good time to show some humanity and to return them to Biloela. You have the power, under the legislation, to release

From The Guardian

the family on compassionate grounds, regardless of the findings about their bid for asylum.  The family pose no threat to our security, and releasing them would have no impact on the government’s (cruel) asylum policy.

I note with interest the Prime Minister’s comments about his conversation with his wife  earlier this week on another matter, and the need to “think about the girls.” Well, here are two little girls, born in Australia, who the government has now detained for more than 1000 days. Do they not deserve some consideration?

I urge you to finally show some compassion towards this family and to release them into the arms of the Biloela community, who anxiously await their return.

History will judge you harshly if you continue to pursue the hardline and uncompromising stance that has to date characterized the government’s position on this case, which could and should have been resolved long ago.

Mike G.

Valla Beach NSW 2448

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