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A copy of a letter posted on P.M. Morrison’s contact page yesterday.

Dear Prime Minister,

I listened in disbelief last week to your interview with Ben Fordham, in which you sought to insinuate that the men held in the Park Hotel were not actually refugees. You knew, of course, that this was not true. You know that the great majority of them are genuine refugees, who are entitled to our protection under international law. You wanted to suggest, on the other hand, that these men are simply asylum seekers wishing to remain here, and refusing to go home.

Your efforts at obfuscation in a media interview on the following day were utterly unconvincing.

Attempting to deceive the French President is one thing. Seeking to mislead the Australian people, in order to duck your responsibilities for the appalling treatment of refugees, is quite another.

I can only hope that, at the upcoming federal election, more and more Australians will seek to elect people of honesty, integrity and compassion.

Mike Griffin

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