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The Gaza genocide: Letter to Senator Wong

Dear Senator Wong,

I watched your interview with Sarah Ferguson on 7.30  yesterday evening with increasing dismay. You were understandably and visibly struggling to defend the indefensible in relation to your decision to withhold funding from UNRWA with such lightning speed following the Israeli allegations about UNRWA employees’ involvement in the events of 7th October. Unsurprisingly, these allegations were published just hours after the very serious findings of the ICJ in relation to the unfolding genocide and lack of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. The ensuing media blitz has ensured that it is the UNWRA story, and not the far more serious findings of the ICJ,   that has dominated the headlines and that has worked well , in propaganda terms, for the Israelis and its steadfast supporters, including the Australian government.

Will the government, of which you are a senior and respected member, ever muster the moral courage to finally take a principled stance in relation to the death and destruction being inflicted on the Palestinian people by the far-right Netanyahu government?

Will there ever come a point at which the international community, which includes Australia, will insist on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the illegal military occupation of the West Bank?

Will Western nations ever call time on the enduring suffering of the Palestinian people and finally insist that Israel complies with international law and countless UN resolutions?

The Palestinian people have endured 75 years of displacement, occupation and oppression at the hands of the Zionist colonisers.

Your frequent statements about the ongoing Israeli actions in Gaza and in the West Bank give me little cause for optimism.

Mike G

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