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Letter to Senator Sam Dastyari

From: Mike
Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2017 4:16 PM
Subject: Asylum seekers and refugees

Dear  Senator Dastyari,
I recently watched Senator Lisa Singh make an impassioned speech to the Senate about  the appalling situation facing refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru. It was greatly heartening to finally listen to someone on the Labor benches speaking out on behalf of these traumatised and wretched human beings, who we have collectively driven to despair, and worse, through indifference and political calculation.

I also recently watched the episode of Australian Story in which you featured, and listened to you the following morning being interviewed by Fran Kelly. You mentioned, inter alia, that you felt saddened by the death of fellow Iranian Reza Barati, and that the only difference between his fate and yours was that you arrived by plane, whereas he had the misfortune to arrive by boat. You found that somewhat conflicting. Is that it? Is there nothing more to say?

You will be well aware that under the Refugee Convention, countries cannot discriminate against asylum seekers on the basis of their mode of arrival. Surely it is now time for the Labor party to rediscover its sense of compassion, its commitment to justice and its willingness to stand up for the disadvantaged in our society. Will you consider joining Senator Singh, by speaking out on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees on Manus and Nauru, many of whom have been languishing there for more than four years? Will you now put principle before political calculation and take some action? Feeling conflicted  does not help these people in any way.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Griffin,

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