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The Welcome Scroll

link to the Welcome Scroll on National RAR website

This link provides up to date information on the progress of the Welcome Scroll, with photographs.

The following explains the origin of the scroll and its development

News Update 2.v2 National Journey of the Welcome Scroll June 2017
Launched in September 2016 by Mayor of Mount Alexander Shire Christine Henderson and Mayor of the City of Greater Bendigo Rod Fyffe, the Scroll originally had only the logos of the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) and Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR).
It now proudly bears, not only these 2 logos, but also the logos of local governments from all states of Australia.
During Refugee Week 2017 the Welcome Scroll made its reappearance in its new expanded format.
At the Alexandra Gardens - 17th June 2017 with Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle 

The Welcome Scroll, now almost 6 metres long, with the logos of 113 Refugee Welcome Zone Councils, moved from the banks of the Yarra River to the Immigration Museum in Melbourne.

The Scroll bears the declaration
We are a Refugee Welcome Zone
under the name and logo of each town or city listed

The aim of the Refugee Council’s Refugee Welcome Zones is to promote the adoption of flexible, humane and constructive policies toward refugees and people seeking asylum by local governments and their communities.

On Wednesday, 21 June, the Welcome Scroll began the first part of its National Journey, travelling to the ACT and Canberra for the first ever
Refugee Welcome Zone National Forum on Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Refugee Welcome Zone Declaration
(Council crest/logo)
The _____________ Council, Declares the Council of ____________ a
Refugee Welcome Zone
This Declaration is a Commitment in Spirit to Welcoming refugees into our community, Upholding the Human Rights of refugees, Demonstrating Compassion for refugees and Enhancing cultural and religious Diversity in our community.
____________________________________ [name and title of signatory]
Date: _____________
This Declaration is proudly supported and endorsed by the

The Refugee Council of Australia is a national umbrella organisation representing over 1,000 organisational and individual members. The aim of the Refugee Council is to promote the adoption of flexible, humane and constructive policies toward refugees and asylum seekers by the Australian and other Governments and their communities. 

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