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Letter from Amanda 7 April 2014

Bellingen NSW
7 April 2014

 I write as a middle aged law-abiding taxpayer with big L liberal leanings.  With that political bias I cannot understand and certainly can’t condone the cruelty and psychological damage the Coalition is inflicting on asylum seekers and I use that term advisedly, who have done us no harm.  I try to imagine what it would be like to have to leave Australia out of fear for my life, embark on a tortuous journey, worried all the time for myself and the family I have left behind and then when I finally imagined myself safe and with friends, finding that they will lock me up, not help me in any way, provide next to no advice on my rights and tell me that this situation could last forever unless I agree to go back to the place I had to flee.  These policies are just plain nasty and mean spirited and I believe the Australian people want better.  The people we are treating so inhumanely could in different circumstances be the making of Australia, grateful to be here, willing to work hard and be ambassadors for the country that has taken them in.  Put yourself in their shoes for just a minute without all the spin and consider what government policy is doing to innocent people.  The Stop the Boats mantra just doesn’t cut it.  Desperate people do desperate things and we cannot treat the people who are already here, in Manus, on Nauru with such utter contempt.

Please consider these people, they are just like you and me, in other situations it could so easily be our children, our families, our mothers, our fathers.  Would we not want them to be treated with compassion?

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