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Send a poem to your politicians

Judy sent poems to 150 Members of Parliament.

One of these follows

Some Politicians                          by Judith Rodriguez

To have preached even for a moment
that money matters
more than the good it buys
to have proclaimed the end of caring;
to have unmothered the State
                     and left orphans to the wind;

to have waged phony battle
on the homeless and fugitive,
the needy come to our door;
to have danced on a tally of the drowned
to have pursued the desperate
for electoral triumph;

these are your names
on the sea-bed at our shore gate
behind razor wire
among the fatherless
the trapped and the destitute
and among the separated families.

Please use this poem to bring pressure on your politician 
to be more compassionate and stop the cruelty to asylum seekers.

However it was reported at the meeting held on 1 June 2014 that six handwritten letters are more powerful than templates and emails,and will be read by the recipient.   

Phone calls are also more likely to get the message to the intended recipient.

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