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Question - how to engage a wider audience to change attitudes on Asylum Seekers?

Lowy Institute survey on asylum seeker policy

Doug has made the following comment.

We heard the results of a survey recently of Australian's attitude to refugees and it was suggested that way more than half of us had no sympathy for these people and agreed with the governments policy. It appears we have a lot of work to do in the community to turn that attitude around. To my mind market stalls mostly only appeal to the converted minority and we need to find a way to engage with a wider audience.

John comments

If the questions had asked whether one supported the illegal detetion of people including children in substandard accommodation, after surviving torture and trauma in their own countries, fleeing with few possessions and legally appealing for Asylum one would hope the response might have been more sympathetic.

David Comments

This chart shows a bell curve which shows that attention to the middle ground could move attitudes from disagree to agree.

Steve Biddulph has said   "Don't fight your enemies ( there are no enemies) - grow your friends
..."Concentrate on the middle, the larger number of people who are merely less involved...When the middle moves everything changes. Aim for that"

Does anyone have any ideas to change opinions?  Please email with your ideas