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Letter to Minister Morrison - Christian viewpoint on 50/50 chance of persecution 26 June 2014

From: Barbera 
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 10:28 PM
Subject: Refugees 50/50 chance.

Dear Minister Morrison,
I never write to Ministers, but upon watching your speech to refugees in detention centres I believe that as a Christian I must speak up.
I hasten to say that I have no objection to you sending back people who hail from countries at peace and have legal avenues of entry, but I strongly oppose  the return of people to their countries of origin, if these countries are known to be dangerous and are actively persecuting their people because of religion or ethnicity.
I am especially appalled at your proposed legislation that if people face a 50/50 chance of being executed they may be send back
Who will be the judge of this risk............... not you personally ......................but some twenty something year old government employee who has spent his or her whole life in the comfort of middle class Australia.
A 50/50 chance of persecution a life hanging by a thread.  
I should know as I survived the Nazi Regime.
Your proposal is not a service to Australia, we are not in a war situation when lives sometimes must be sacrified, but this is purely  a breach of morality.
As a fellow Christian I implore you to exercise your Christian conscience and show mercy to these troubled souls. 
Yours in Christian Fellowship,

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