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"utterly dismayed..." letter to Scott Morrison

27 June 2014
Dear Scott Morrison,

I was utterly dismayed to learn yesterday that you now plan to make life even more difficult for asylum seekers looking for a safe haven in Australia. To suggest that asylum seekers will in future have to demonstrate that they face at least a  50% chance of persecution if they return to their country of origin before their claims for asylum will be considered is both impractical and morally reprehensible.   It seems that your government is more interested in political posturing than in meeting its obligations under the international  Conventions to which Australia is a signatory. At a time when there  are more refugees in the world than ever, you are insisting that these people are not welcome here and instead are to be pilloried and demonised by our political leaders. We may be “open for business”, but we are clearly not willing to share the international burden of taking care of some of the most vulnerable and desperate  people on the planet.
The damage that your populist political posturing is inflicting on Australia’s international reputation is immense.
Be assured that you do not act in my name.

Yours sincerely,
Valla Beach,

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