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write to Luke Hartsuyker demanding release of Children from Detention

Church leaders call on parliamentarians to free children from detention

At the weekend, church leaders took out a half-page ad in the Sydney Morning Herald, calling on Parliament  to pass the legislation, agreed by the Senate a week ago, which would result in children and their families being released from mainland detention centres. It is possible that the legislation will be considered this week.  The open letter to all members of the Federal parliament states: “During this time of preparation for Christmas and the season of giving, we call on parliamentarians to give the gift of freedom to these children and their families.” The letter also calls on all Australians of goodwill (that’s all of us!), to contact our local MP to ask them to vote for the release of children and their families. Let’s all do that!
For most of us, our local MP is Luke Hartsuyker. His email address is:  A short email, simply urging him to vote in favour of the legislation to release children and their families from detention, is all that is required. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our MP were to receive 370 emails urging him to do the right thing!
Please note that the proposed legislation does not include asylum seekers and refugees on Manus and Nauru.

Mike's email below

Dear Mr Hartsuyker,
In today’s SMH,  faith leaders have published an open letter to all parliamentarians , calling on you, as our representatives, to release children and their families from immigration detention. These vulnerable people deserve the gift of freedom. I stand with the faith leaders and urge you to do the right thing when the Senate’s amendments to the Migration and Maritime Powers Amendment Bill comes before parliament.
The government should, of course, go further, and commit to the closure of offshore detention centres. Many of the 95 children currently languishing in indefinite detention on Nauru have been there for more than two years. This is utterly disgraceful, morally indefensible and  in contravention of our international obligations. There is irrefutable evidence that detaining children  for prolonged periods is detrimental to their mental and physical wellbeing.  Now would be a good time, as we approach Christmas, to acknowledge the damage caused by the policies pursued by governments of different persuasions in recent years, and to take concrete steps to bring this shameful episode to an end.
Yours sincerely,

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