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Market dates for 2016
We have put together the dates for our market stalls for 2016 in Bellingen, Valla Beach and Coffs Harbour.  The markets at Bellingen and Valla Beach are on Saturdays, whilst the Coffs Harbourside markets are on Sundays. You might like to note the dates on your calendar. There will of course be reminders in advance of each of the markets to encourage attendance and to ask for helpers on the stall. This year more than 20 supporters have given some time to supporting our RAR stall. You might want to think about joining us from time to time in 2016.
16th January:  Bellingen
6th Feb:  Valla Beach
19th March: Bellingen
2nd April: Valla Beach
24th April: Coffs harbour
21st May: Bellingen
4th June: Valla Beach
26th June: Coffs harbour
16th July: Bellingen
6th August: Valla Beach
28th August: Coffs Harbour
17th September: Bellingen
1st October: Valla Beach
23rd October: Coffs Harbour
19th November: Bellingen
3rd December: Valla Beach

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