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Fate of 28000 refugees living in our communities Facebook 13 April 2016

Kudos to The Guardian and the author of this article, Ben Doherty. It is a massive, articulate and heart-wrenching account of the fate of about 28,000 refugees living in our communities. I hope all my associates on FB will take the time to read it. Many of us who live or work with asylum seekers and refugees in Australia know first-hand, the psychological nightmare of these people's lives. Living in a twilight world of humiliation, hopelessness, prejudice, disdain, destitution and anxiety, these are lives half lived by people who have committed no crime other than to come to this country in an expectation that they would find good people who would show understanding. Many of their advocates burn out because the emotions of championing those who currently have so little hope can be overwhelming. Others will argue the politics but in the end, this is a crime in which all Australians are complicit, through their apathy, lethargy, prejudice and selfish, self entitled attitudes.

Full article

Nearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary ‘bridging visas’. These people may be free from detention but – with many denied education, healthcare…


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