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RAR Ten Point Plan June 2018

The RAR Ten Point Plan
RAR believes that Australia should
  • Receive asylum seekers in accordance with the humane standards set out in the UN Convention on Refugees which Australia signed in 1954. 
  • Close all off-chore and remote detention centres and take full responsibility for processing asylum seeker claims in Australia,
  • Rescind all current legislation that condones and even encourages human rights violations and establish a formal multi-party parliamentary committee to draft refugee and asylum seeker policies that will gain bipartisan support.
  • Do more to improve public understanding to the plight of asylum seeker issues and to dispel common myths.
  • Provide orientation, training and support to urban and rural communities willing to assist refugees with accommodation and employment.
In our Region
Australia should
  • Work with our Asia Pacific neighbours to find cooperative and non-punitive solutions to the flow of refugees into and through the region.
  • Ensure that countries currently hosting disproportionate numbers of refugees are given appropriate support.
In the Global context
Australian should
  • Use its position on the United National Security Council
  • Seek a world-wide increase in aid for refugees
  • Seek to influence oppressive governments who are persecuting their minority groups
Rural Australians for Refugees call on the Australian Government to seek solutions at a global, regional and national level to address the international asylum seeker and refugee crisis.

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