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Its Costing a Fortune : Letter to the SMH

In recent weeks the government awarded a $218 million contract to the Brisbane company  Canstruct  for the next 6 months of offshore detention operations on the island of Nauru.

This is the eighth contract made with Canstruct and there has been no open and competitive process involved for any of these contract awards.

There are 107 people detained on the island and 80 of them have had their claim for protection formally recognized, which means that Australia is obliged under international  law to protect them. It is costing  $11,000  per person per day to provide these  offshore services.  That’s an eye-watering amount of money that could be spent on other, more socially useful services to our community.

It is surely time to bring these refugees to Australia where there are job shortages in many areas due to the Covid restrictions on International Travel and the drop in working visa applications.

This would give these people  hope for their futures and would be of benefit to us all. Let’s put an end to this cruel and inhumane treatment  which is costing us all an absolute fortune and causing so much trauma to those impacted.

Marlene Griffin



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