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Letter to the PM: Patricia 'has had enough'.

 The Prime Minister

The refugees are now imprisoned indefinitely in the Park Hotel, Melbourne

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

PO Box 1306

Cronulla NSW 2230


Dear Prime Minister,


Knowing you are busy, I will keep this letter brief. I am a retired pharmacist who has had enough.


It is about the plight of refugees, in the Park Hotel Melbourne, and other locations both on and off the shores of Australia. They were forced to flee their countries because their lives were in danger in their own countries. Something you and I have not had to face in our lifetime in Australia.


The majority of these refugees have had their applications for asylum processed and have been formally recognised as refugees. This means, as you know, that they are owed protection under our international obligations. Instead, you insist they are locked up indefinitely, because you believe it is politically expedient for you to do this.


Mr Morrison, where are your Christian values, and sense of what is right? Detaining these individuals any longer is NOT RIGHT, and I believe Australia will pay a high price for the refugee’s suffering and lack of hope.


I hope you will reconsider the plight of these genuine refugees.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Abell, Retired Pharmacist,

Bellingen NSW 2454

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