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Campaign to pressure Labor Caucus

 Labor MP for Fremantle, Melissa Parke, plans to table a motion in Labor caucus on asylum policy. 

She is saying that  conditions on Manus and Nauru are “unsafe, inhumane and insanitary” and claims that current policy is in breach of Labor’s platform and international law.
 We could urge our members to send a brief email to our 5 NSW Labor senators along the lines of :

“ I am greatly heartened to learn that Labor caucus is planning to discuss the current party policy on the treatment of asylum seekers. I agree with Melissa Parkes that the conditions on Manus and Nauru are inhumane, unsafe and insanitary, and that they are in breach of international law.  I urge you, in the interests of common humanity, justice and compliance with the International Convention on Refugees, to change current Labor policy, to campaign for the closure of Manus and Nauru detention centres and  to  support a return to onshore, speedy processing of asylum seeker claims”.

Senators’ details:

John Faulkner:  
Deborah O’Neill:’Neill  contact - ask a question
Ursula Stephens:

Senators decide how they can be contacted. Some like Senator Faulkner offers an email address, others like Doug Cameron allows contact through "" which provides a form to allow you to ask a question of the senator.

Sam Dastyari does not offer a facility to contact him, so we have created an email address for him., but do not know if he will receive the email.

This is an interesting reflection on the way the system works!

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