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Free The Children
ChilOut is part of the Australian Coalition to end the immigration detention of children and we are hosting an incredible installation / social action in Sydney from June 11 - 15.
Essentially it's a representation* of the 1,023 children locked up by Australia today and we are asking the public to come along and 'free the children'. People need to enter a 'cage' in order to remove a doll who is wearing an ID tag (kids in detention have to wear one every day, they are each allocated a number). The tag is removed, the person keeps part as a reminder of their action and tears off half as a card to their MP completed on the spot.

You can host your own version of this action, anywhere, anytime.

We are putting together a DIY kit which will include tips for creating your own cage to hold the dolls, a checklist of what's needed to make it happen, pdf's of an info flyer and posters to use on the day, FAQ for chatting to the public, ideas for getting local media interested and examples of how it's been done on a teeny budget and on a bigger one! If you give us enough time we can mail you enough doll ID cards, or you can print your own (pdf supplied).
Kits available by 8 June