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Friends of Refugees trying to buy a truck

We have received this email from Ealiane Smith via the National RAR.

Elaine will be known to many of your for her tireless support of asylum seekers when she lived in Port Macquarie. She moved to Victoria to continue her work with refugees.

Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2015 11:30 PM
Subject: Friends of Refugees Emergency Relief Truck

Can you forward this to your networks please!

At the moment we are trying to buy a truck to deliver bedding, food, kitchen goods to asylum seeker families with nothing.
People are found in bare houses, cold, frightened and hungry. Unbelievable for Australia!
There are generous people who want to give necessary blankets, and food, but we need the truck to collect goods and deliver them.
We need small........ or........... large amounts of money. Whatever you can afford. I have already donated, hope you can too!!
If you are in Melbourne you may want to get involved personally as well.
Dear Elaine,
Please check out our Friends of Refugees crowd funding campaign to buy a truck . This campaign has just been "launched".  
In Australia nobody should be sleeping on cold floors or go hungry without enough food.
Please help us by donating to the campaign to raise money to buy a truck to continue our emergency relief work.
You can check out the Friends of Refugees website for more information on the services we provide for asylum seekers in need.

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