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letter to cross benchers on Border Protection etc Bills and the responses

Dear Senator 
You will have received many letters and emails concerned with the content of the proposed Border Protection and the Customs and other Legislation Amendment Bills, highlighting specific problems.
Each point of detail in these bills reduces the power of Parliament and lessens transparency.
There is too much secrecy in the treatment of asylum seekers at the moment without increasing the powers of the Minister.
In the Border Forces Bill, section 23, the Minister does not have to declare to Parliament directions on policies and priorities given to the Border Forces Commission until 15 sitting days after making those directions.
The Customs and other Legislation Amendment Bill, is intended to protect the Minister and others from proper scrutiny or accountability over the treatment of asylum seekers.
Please oppose these bills.
Sincerely yours 
David and Irene 
"Your comments have been noted.
David Leyonhjelm"
"It’s always great to receive feedback from the community so I can best represent your needs in the Senate.
 If you live outside of SA, you can search for your Federal Member or Senator at"
 Nick Exenophon
"All emails received will be taken into account, and if further clarification is required, my office will be in contact with you."
Senator Ricky Muir

"Thanks for your email. Due to the large number of emails I receive each day, I am unable to respond personally but I do make a point of reading all communications. I welcome your comments and input."

John Madigan
It’s always great to receive feedback from the community so I can best represent your needs in the Senate.  If you are a Tasmanian resident or an Australian Veteran, please ensure you have included your address and phone number in your email so we can contact you if I require further information.
Jackie Lambie
Senator Day appreciates the time you have taken to express your view on these important issues and will take these views into consideration. Senator Day’s advisors are currently reviewing the legislation and do not have a position at this time.

Senator Day appreciates that you have written to him about a current issue that concerns you.  The Senator has been elected as a Family First Senator for South Australia on a platform of “Every family, a job and a house”.  This is a massive task which promotes independence and self-reliance, reducing the need for government intervention. This leads to smaller government, lower taxes and therefore more money in the pockets of families. Senator Day therefore has a limited capacity to advocate for (a) issues outside of his State or (b) policy priorities beyond that focus.  Having said that, Senator Day has indicated above what he has to say about the issues that you have raised.

Bob Day

No response from Senator Wang

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