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Newsletter for 22 April 2015

Newsletter for 22 April 2015

Rural Australians for Refugees Bellingen and Nambucca Districts

Hi everyone

Cost of Government Secrecy

We now know that Asylum Seekers have been returned to Vietnam, and it would appear that it cost $1.4 million to do it

The Government has paid $40 million to Cambodia to accept rejected asylum seekers from Nauru - no one appears to have agreed to go.

It costs $400,000 a year to keep an asylum seeker in an offshore detention centre.

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Meanwhile there is suffering in 

"The majority of asylum seekers have no rights to work and hence rely on limited income support (89% of NewStart Allowance), that barely pays for their rent, utilities, travel and food.

We have found pregnant women and families with children sleeping on bare floors, people going without even basic furniture like a bed or a fridge, for weeks and sometimes even months. Some were even going without enough food."  from  Friends of Refugees

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On 21 April Immigration Minister Peter Dutton  was quoted as saying 
 “one of the things I think we can be proud of in this country is we have stopped the deaths at sea…and a large part of that success has related to us being able to turn boats around where it is safe to do so”

Therefore only a small part relates to the rest of the callous action, including appealing conditions at off shore detention centres and resettling asylum seekers in third world countries. 

Graduation day for former Christmas Island refugee Hadi Hosseini

April 15, 2015 SMH
Lucy Cormack

Hadi Hosseini, a refugee from Afghanistan, taught himself English when he arrived on Christmas Island and is now an accounting graduate. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Hadi Hosseini remembers the experience of living in detention like living in "a factory for making people crazy."

Born in an Iranian refugee camp to Afghan parents, Mr Hosseini arrived on Christmas Island aged 17 in 2010. He knew not a word of English.

"They treat you as a prisoner...detention is a factory for making people crazy. But you've got to make conversation."

After completing his HSC at Randwick TAFE over 18 months, Mr Hosseini began his associate degree in accounting, what would be two-thirds of his full accounting degree, which he will finish at Macquarie University in November this year.

He said it is no secret that he is "very hungry about accounting," and dreams to one day "work for one of the big four."

But until that day, he said he hopes to help to shape the experience for future refugees.

"My experience is known by many Australians as refugees who came by boat ... And by looking at the news ... all these terrible things happening to refugees, I wish that Australians would consider that those people can be an asset for the community, he said.

"I wish Australia's [politicians] give them the chance ...I'm sure they can contribute a lot."

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