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Perspective on the world problem for asylum seekers

Perspective on the world problem for asylum seekers
Letter from Marlene
Dear RAR members,
Our Australian Government thinks it has a problem in relation to refugee numbers. To get these numbers into perspective lets think for a moment about the numbers of refugees fleeing into Europe this year  .
Reports this week from ‘ The Atlantic’  state that the number of migrants fleeing into Europe during this year alone has already reached 235,000, topping the total number of migrants for all of last year, 219,000. 
The International Organization for Migration estimated that number will grow to at least a quarter of a million by the end of August. 
Nearly half of these refugees are Syrians fleeing war at home, escaping into Turkey, and paying smugglers to help them make a dangerous crossing to the Greek island of Kos in tiny inflatable rafts. 
Once on European soil, they make their way north any way they can, on foot or by rail, with help or on their own, passing through Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary bound for Austria, Germany, France, England, and other Western European countries. 
The influx of migrants is placing huge burdens on all nations along the route, especially Greece, which has seen a 750-percent increase in arrivals over the same period as last year. To view photos you can follow the link below. 
It is time our leaders developed a realistic perspective on these issues and developed their policies accordingly. Tony Abbot wants Australia to be a ‘world player’ so let us see some evidence of this in dealing with this pressing and devastating problem on the international  stage. 

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