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In this week’s edition of ‘The Sun Herald there is an item announcing that the Immigration Department has made a $6 million telemovie which made its debut on Afghanistan  television last Friday . It is called ‘The Journey ‘ and is intended as a deterrent to would be asylum seekers . The film depicts the harsh treatment of refugees aiming to come to Australia .  A trailer available on “You tube” shows scenes of a group of Afghan asylum seekers attempting to get to Australia by boat.  Their distress and subsequent treatment is made very clear in the film. 

According to the press report,  a Sydney company called “Put it Out There Pictures” was commissioned to make the movie. The Department of Border Protection and Immigration  spent more on this short film, an estimated $6 million, than most top ranking Australian film classics of recent times. Around $ 1.63 million of tax payers money has been spent on advertising and promotion alone.

The report  tells us that the film has already been screened in Pakistan , Iraq and Iran and has been translated into a variety of middle eastern languages. 
However, we are informed that the film will not be available in English. 

The question we need to ask is this . If the film was commissioned  in our name and we, the Australian tax payers  are footing the bill for the film why  are we not being allowed to listen to the commentary in English  ? Why is the film is not being screened with sound track that most Australians understand  ?  I urge you to write to your political representatives to ask them this simple question. 

We seem to be living in a ‘secret state ‘ where our politicians feel it is appropriate to keep us all in the dark. We deserve to know what has been screened internationally  in our name. 


Sydney Morning Herald article is on the blog, but the video trailer could not be copied?

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