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Newsletter for 14 January 2015 RAR Bellingen and Nambucca

Mike has developed the following fact sheet to explain how our group operates   

Rural Australians for Refugees: Bellingen and Nambucca Districts
Who are we?
We are a group of local citizens who are united in our commitment to achieving a realistic, fair, humane and compassionate national asylum seeker policy. A policy which reflects Australia's international obligations and which recognises that we have a world-wide refugee crisis from which we should not seek to isolate ourselves . We are not affiliated to any political party. We do have links with the National Rural Australians for Refugees Group.

This newsletter is stored here for archive purposes. To read complete newsletter click below

What are we trying to do?
We are seeking to shift the public perception of asylum seekers and refugees. We strive to do so by providing factual, truthful information about refugee issues, about government policy and pronouncements, and about our obligations under international law. We want to put an end to the demonisation of asylum seekers by politicians and the media and to support the efforts of all people and groups of good will who are working towards an evidence-based, humane and lawful set of responses to refugee issues.

How do we campaign?
During 2014, we worked to inform the public and to influence politicians through a range of activities, which included:
·      sending out weekly updates, with links to useful articles, to our 250 supporters.
·      providing information through involvement in local markets.
·      writing letters to the press and to politicians of all parties.
·      making donations to the ChilOut charity.
·      taking part in demonstrations.
·      regular updates to our blog.
·      regular postings on our Facebook page.
·      meeting together at intervals to discuss and plan our activities.
How can you help us in 2015?
·      sign up to receive our weekly updates.
·      join us at our market stalls in Bellingen and Valla Beach.
·      contribute to our letter-writing campaigns.
·      share your ideas with us.
·      attend our occasional discussion, planning and social meetings.
Our contact details:
Email:   Tel. 6569 5419.  Blog:

Dates for markets for the near future are

Saturday 7th February : Valla BeachSaturday 21st March: BellingenSaturday 4th April: Valla BeachSaturday 16th May: BellingenSaturday 6th June: Valla BeachSaturday 18th July: Bellingen

We need volunteers to help to set up  first thing ( I'm happy to do that with assistance), volunteers for the morning and volunteers for the final hour/ packing up.  We should stress, as we have done before, that no particular expertise is required, that doing just an hour is appreciated, as is dropping in to say hello.

Please put the dates for our market stalls in your diary. If you can come along to help for an hour or two on any of the dates, then please let us know by emailing or phoning  Mike on 6569 5419 or John on 0447 225241. Or just pop along to say hello and to show your support.  Our presence at the markets is important, both in spreading the word and in bearing witness.  Let’s remember that in 2014, under great pressure for groups like ours, from faith groups, NGOs and other organisations, the Coalition was eventually forced into a number of policy shifts. The Minister for Immigration finally had to commit to releasing children and their families from onshore detention centres. Later, he was forced into agreeing to the release of children from Christmas Island. There are still mountains to climb, and we must keep up the pressure.” 


The fact sheet is also attached as a pdf document, to allow you to share it with others

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"Christmas in Australia 2014 disrupted by border control" a comic approach to Morrison's departure from immigration

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Email Address

RAR our fact sheet 5.1.15 V3.pdf

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