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Newsletter for 25 February 2015 RAR Bellingen and Nambucca

Children moved
​ back​
 to Nauru

Kaldor Centre Report -

Reports have emerged that children have been transferred from Australia to Nauru.

‘As the Coalition tried to distract from Children in Detention report, it was moving kids back to Nauru’,

​ ​
on New Matilda 
​ to read the article from 17 February 2015.​

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Support for Human Rights Commission President

Here is a link to their contact page where people can email, phone etc.

and their Facebook Page which people could be urged to LIKE and post comments on #StandWithGillianTriggs

and on Twitter of course.

Mike's Letter to George Brandis​ 25 February 23015

Dear Senator Brandis,
I was utterly dismayed to read of your disgraceful treatment of Professor Gillian Triggs in Parliament yesterday. I have read Professor Triggs' report and it is quite clear to me that it is a thorough, even-handed and professional piece of work. It condemns both the Coalition and the previous Labor governments'  policies in relation to children in asylum.  I also find it deeply concerning that your government, over a period of months before publishing the report, sought to discredit its author. Shooting the messenger will not make the issues go away and is a shameful tactic.
We had been led to believe by the Prime Minister that we could expect grown-up government from the Coalition. Instead, what we are witnessing here is an act of aggressive bullying and intimidation which is not worthy of a government in a western democracy. I am sure that Professor Triggs will have the overwhelming support of fair-minded  Australians, who will react with deep dismay to the bullying tactics adopted by yourself and the Prime Minister. It is surely the two of you, and not Professor Triggs who should be considering your positions. 
Forgotten Children report.

Coffs Coast Advocate​
 good coverage today
​ Hartsuyker's ​
 page seems to have disappeared
…there is an old one but I think they have forgotten about it as I have posted some rubbish and nothing has been removed.
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Peter Dutton’s page…he doesn’t seem to be deleting posts..

Cost of Federal Government's Offshore detention policy.

Refugee Action Group see cost per asylum seeker

Ann Summers recent article noted that it costs $400,000 per year to keep an
asylum seeker in Nauru or Manus island and such money would fund a women's
refuge facility for a year.

Of course funding for such services is being cut in many areas in the name
of reducing debt.

At the same time $40,000,000  is being given to Cambodia to take refugees
from Nauru, when it only costs $12,000 to support a refugee living in the
community in Australia

With a NSW State election looming, it is time to reflect on how cutting
social services in Australia is paying for a cruel offshore detention

Put that question to your local candidates standing for the March election.


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Chilout February Newsletter

Extract from the newsletter on the Human Rights Commission report

  "some of the report’s most concerning findings:

   34% of children in detention have mental health disorders requiring
   psychiatric treatment;
   Parents of children have high rates of mental illness with 30% of adults
   in detention having moderate to severe mental health conditions;
   From January 2013 to March 2014, 128 children engaged in actual
   self-harm and 171 children threatened self-harm;
   233 assaults were reported involving children, some of which included
   sexual assault;
   Over 100 children on Christmas Island were denied education for more
   than a year; and
   Most of the 119 children on Nauru have been detained for more than 16
   months, living in tents and sleeping on stretcher beds with no timeframe
   for resettlement.
   The report concludes with 16 recommendations, which include that: all
   children be released from both onshore and offshore detention no later than
   4 weeks after the report’s release; legislation be amended to state that
   children are detained for only a strictly limited period of time necessary
   to conduct health and security checks; an independent guardian be appointed
   for all unaccompanied children; all children currently and previously
   detained have access to government-funded mental health support; and a
   royal commission be established to examine the impacts of detention on the
   physical and mental health of children and to look into remedies. "
Extract from Refugee Council February bulletin 
​ on ​>*

New Refugee Week theme: ‘With courage let us all combine’

RCOA has chosen “With courage let us all combine” as the theme for Refugee
Week in Australia for 2015 to 2017. 
Taken from the second verse of the
​ ​
national anthem, 
the theme celebrates the courage of refugees and of people
who speak out against persecution and injustice

It serves as a call for
​ ​
unity and for positive action, encouraging Australians to improve our
nation’s welcome for refugees and to acknowledge the skills and energy
refugees bring to their new home. In 2015, Refugee Week will take place
from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 June. 

Further information about Refugee Weekcan be found at
National Rural Australians for Refugees - now has current news on their web site 

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costs of asylum seeker detention in Australia and offshore

Better use of money that is wasted holding asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island


support Gillian Triggs

Julian Burnside - "You don't need a bleeding heart to know that Asylum Seekers should be treated humanely - just a beating heart"

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