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Support call for Royal Commission into Children in Detention

Support for a Royal Commission into children in detention
Jan --
The Government has tried to bury the truth but now we know: children have been robbed of their childhood and repeatedly abused in Australian detention centres.
The shocking Human Rights Commission report into children living in detention paints a grim picture. No longer can we turn a blind eye to the sexual, physical and psychological abuse that has condemned these children to a life of suffering
We need to have the full Royal Commission into the abuse of children in detention that so many people are calling for.
Will you write to Attorney General George Brandis now to show your support for a Royal Commission into children in detention?
Child protection groups have called for the immediate release of all children in detention centres, saying it is causing long-term harm.
This damning report could be the turning point that ends the cruelty. We owe these children the right to be treated with humanity and dignity.
Write to the Office of the Attorney General to help us call for a Royal Commission.
With 100 children on suicide watch, three year olds with clinical depression and more than 200 assaults on vulnerable children – all in just 15 months – it's clear why the government has tried to bury this report.
We have to work together to make sure these children receive the justice they deserve.
Yours in solidarity,
Sarah Hanson-Young
P.S. A mother of three children, who has attempted suicide three times while in detention, said
"Dying is better than living...I want to die...I cannot tolerate this environment." It's time to take a stand. Will you write to the Attorney General and explain why you want a Royal Commission into children in detention? 

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