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Letter to Labor Politicians 25 June 2015

Dear Mr Shorten and Mr Marles and members of the cross benches,

I along with many asylums seeker advocates were dismayed to see the government seek to circumvent the High Court, yet again, and retrospectively legalise our internationally condemned offshore processing centres on Manus and Nauru Islands. Time after time the UNHCR, Amnesty International and many decent Australians have condemned this failed attempt to deal with what is a world wide problem. These detention centres are killing people, destroying lives and trashing our record as a decent country that respects human rights. Bill Shorten. it is time to put aside your bipartisan support for these policies and admit that the policy is terminally flawed. Watch this short video to see just one man’s story of 5 years in detention for simply seeking his international right to claim asylum,, and then tell me you can not do the right thing and vote down this legislation and let the High Court decide on this issue.

Failing that, at least support the more than reasonable amendments being advocated by the Greens as outlined below,

The Australian Greens have asked that the Government and Labor at least put some limits on the current cruel detention conditions. These include:

1 // A three-month limit on detention
2 // Children should be deported to offshore to be locked in detention
3 // Journalists should be allowed in
4 // There should be mandatory reporting of child abuse 
5 // The Human Rights Commission should be given access to inspect these camps and report on conditions

Our international reputation is in tatters and it is time to start the long road back to respectability. If you really care about our country you will all take a stand and tell Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton, enough is enough.

John Pollock

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