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RACS newsletter June 2015 Turn Back the Tax

There is a lot more in this communication from RACS and the following link will take you to the full document.

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June 2015
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...and support the
Point Of First Contact.
There are currently 30,000 asylum seekers around Australia, in the community and detention, who came by boat and are now subject to Fast Track Processing.

For many asylum seekers, the first contact they have with a RACS lawyer is via our Telephone Advice Service.  

Each of these 30,000 individuals are unique human beings with different life experiences. 

But they share one thing in common: most have never spoken to a lawyer.

The importance of the RACS Telephone Advice Service cannot be overstated. And under Fast Track Processing, with one interview and no right to appeal, demand for our service is now at unprecedented levels. 

The RACS Telephone Advice Service provides the first opportunity for asylum seekers to have their questions answered so they can commence the Protection Application process. The bottom line is this:

For an asylum seeker who came by boat, a RACS lawyer can mean the difference between staying and going.

Each call costs 10 dollars.

Each call begins the process of transformation for one human life.

Without you these calls will go unanswered.

With the end of the financial year upon us, please consider supporting the work of RACS.

When you 
"Turn Back The Tax for RACS", you decide where your tax dollars go.
Click to DONATE & TURN BACK THE TAX. Get your tax deduction before 30 June & help RACS reach its goal of $250,000

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