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Response to Mike's letter to Lisa Singh Labor Senator for Tasmania

Dear Mike

Thank you for your email regarding asylum seekers.

I strongly believe that people have the right to seek asylum in this country, and as Australians we have an obligation to show humanity and welcome refugees to settle in our rich multicultural society.

The Abbott Government has undermined the Australian public’s right to be informed and has failed to take responsibility for the proper administration of the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island, resulting in increasing danger and inhumanity in Australia’s asylum seeker policy.

I believe that all sides of politics have a responsibility to put political point scoring aside and work on refugee policy in a way that affords asylum seekers fairness, safety and dignity.  

The Labor Party is currently updating our Party Platform on this important issue.  In the lead up to National Conference in July I am playing an active role in this process and will continue to closely examine how we can approach those policies issues in a humane manner that complies with our international humanitarian law obligations.

Like you, I believe Labor must adopt a principled policy stance which reflects our international obligations.  I look forward to participating in this debate at our National Conference in July.

Thank you for taking the time to write to me on this important issue.  

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