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Australians and Allies Overseas against Mandatory Detention - 2 minute video

Dear refugee activists and supporters,

My name is Carol and I’m a member of the Australians and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention. We’re a group of about 800 Australians living overseas who are taking action to end the mandatory detention of asylum seekers and refugees.
We are writing to let you know that we have just released a 2 minute video ‘#DearAustralia, A Global Call to End Mandatory and Indefinite Detention’ you can watch it here on Youtube:

It has been shot in 33 cities in 21 countries, including Iceland, Palestine, Costa Rica, Egypt, The United States, Chile, Australia, Cambodia and East Timor, by Australians and allies who are living overseas.

The video begins with images that were sent in from two detainees on Manus Island who have written the words ‘Dear Australia’ across their backs. The text of the video message reads:
‘On Palm Sunday the 29th March and for as long as it takes thousands of people will take action around the nation and around the world. We demand an end to mandatory and indefinite detention. End torture of asylum seekers and refugees. Bring back community processing. We will not be silenced. In solidarity, love from...(list of locations)’
We hope this video will be a catalyst for an international movement against mandatory detention on March 29th and beyond. We have created a map to display all of the March 29 actions (that we are aware of) from all over the world, to give strength and courage to those in detention, and turn the heads of our politicians.

A map of March 29th actions around the world:
We are collecting and displaying information about events on this map - for details of actions around the world see:
After 20 years of mandatory detention, the bystander effect is strong in Australia. However, many people - including yourselves, are taking action. The video alone shows over 90 people! We hope this video will inspire others to raise their voices.

At the start of the year over 800 asylum seekers went on hunger strike on Manus Island. This month the UN Special rapporteur on torture found in his report to the United Nations Human Rights Council that Australia’s policies breached the international Convention Against Torture and other international human rights obligations. It’s time for everyone to take a stand.

Can you share the video with your contact list? We would be very grateful if you could share this video with your contact list and encourage your members and supporters to organise actions or otherwise get involved in this global call to end mandatory detention. If you like hashtags we are using #DearAustralia and #March29.

You can add your March 29th event to the global map to show how widespread the anger is at Australia’s refugee policies. Please tell us about your event by emailing australiansoverseas4refugees(at)yahoo(dot)com or julia.s.dehm(at)gmail(dot)com.

Details of events around the world in the ‘Global Call to End Mandatory Detention’ can be found here:
You can find out more about Australians and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention here:


Carol Peterson For Australians and Allies Overseas Against Mandatory Detention

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