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Newsletter 18 March 2015

Hi Everyone

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Bellingen Community Market Saturday 21 March 2015

We would like to remind everyone that we have our RAR stall at Bellingen market this Saturday, 21st March
It’s not too late to volunteer to help, and new faces are especially welcome. The task is not at all onerous – quite the opposite – and there will always be an experienced volunteer alongside you if you feel that you need any help. It’s a great opportunity to show solidarity with the many hundreds of asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru. 
People need to know that, whilst they are out of sight, they are not out of our minds. If we don’t speak out for these people, who have committed no crime, then who will? 
Do come along, even if for just a short time, to demonstrate that you care and that the government is not acting in our name. Please also take a minute to sign our petition to Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration.”

Contact Mike on 6569 5419 if you can help or to confirm your time slot, if you have not already done so.

Extract from Green's media release on Cambodia

Friday, 13 March 2015

Dutton deals with Cambodia while Christian refugees persecuted

The Abbott government shouldn’t proceed with its doomed Cambodian refugee deal, especially considering the recent illegal forced return of Vietnamese refugees, the Australian Greens have said.

“The Abbott government is turning a blind eye to appalling human rights abuses, just to get this dirty deal done,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Cambodia can barely care for its own people and has a track record of abusing refugees’ rights. Just last month Cambodian officials hunted down and forcefully returned Christian refugees to face persecution in Vietnam.

“The Abbott government should give up on this ill-fated and costly refugee deal immediately.

“Forcing refugees to choose between a life of torment on Nauru or a life of poverty in Cambodia is appalling. Peter Dutton is simply putting these families, who have fled from war and persecution, in a desperate lose-lose situation.

“Australia should be leading a genuine regional solution and working with countries to improve conditions, increase refugee processing speeds and find them safe places to live. Instead the Abbott government is bullying refugees and leaning on our impoverished neighbours.”

ASRC information on applying for asylum

The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre has issued the information to help asylum seekers in Victoria, to apply for asylum.

"What can I do while I wait for the Minister to allow me to apply for asylum?
Are you an asylum seeker who arrived by boat and have not yet applied for asylum?
If the answer is yes, here are 6 things you can do now while you wait for the Minister to allow you to apply. "

Highlighted areas at link  six things to do would cause difficulty difficulty in getting the application to the department.

I am trying to find out where the 30,000 asylum seekers affected by the Act passed last December are now?
No luck so far.

It was part of the deal to make recipients of Temporary Protection Visas go to regional and rural areas.  

National Rural Australians for Refugees - now has current news on their web site 

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Asylum seekers sent back to Sri Lanka after Scott Morrison’s ‘on-water’ interviewing have been confirmed as refugees by the UNHCR.

Julian Burnside - "You don't need a bleeding heart to know that Asylum Seekers should be treated humanely - just a beating heart"

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