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Newsletter 11 March 2015

Newsletter for 11 March 2015

There are now two reports condemning  the Australian Governments policies on Asylum Seekers

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Manus Island Australla in breach of torture convention

"An independent expert has found aspects of Australia's asylum-seeker policies have breached the United Nations Convention Against Torture.
A report addressing concerns about Manus Island, as well as recent amendments to maritime laws, is due to be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council today."
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Moss review: Report into alleged sexual abuse by charity workers at Nauru detention centre disturbing, Aid organisation Save the Children says.

Where is Febrina?

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"Her aunt said Febrina, along with most of the other children, had lost significant amounts of weight. She was 15 kg six months ago. Now she’s between 12-13 kg. A Tamil father says his five year-old son has dropped from 18kg to 15 kg in the same period.
Febrina’s aunt says she has been sick many times since being placed in detention on Nauru: 
“She’s been sick many times, with high fevers and things like chicken pox. She’s been locked away in isolation rooms. She stops eating a lot of the time. The rice and other food like chicken are not cooked properly. They are also given juice and milk with expired use-by dates. Nobody does anything when we complain.”

How can the Federal Government justify the punishment of asylums seekers when they say they have stopped the boats.

Their argument that they have reduced the number of people in detention, cannot justify the degradation and torture of those imprisioned in terrible conditions on these Pacific Island centres
While we pressure the Government to change policies on asylum seeker detention, we must remember that the individual asylum seeker needs support.

Letters to Asylum Seekers

Judy has been writing letters to people in detention under the Julian Burnside scheme

"Last year I sent letters to 8 asylum seekers on Manus through Julian Burnside. 

Last week I received a reply from one Hussain (ID EMP 054). He is a Rohingya man from Burma who was forced to flee persecution and assault by Buddhists and ended up in Manus Detention centre via Malaysia.

He says the situation in Manus is “very bad”.

I will write to him again.

Also I sent a message of support to Commissioner Gillian Triggs and received a thank you reply.


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Julian Burnside has become aware that letters sent were not getting through to asylum seekers.
The following article explains why letters to our asylum seekers were never answered.
It's disgraceful.  And probably illegal.

What else can you do ?

Remember there is a NSW State Election on 28 March 2015

reflect on the following quote, which appears on our Facebook and ask yourself, which party has made all the cuts to social services, trying to reduce pensions etc

Come to the Bellingen Community markets on Saturday 21 March, where we will have a stall and there will be a "Meet the Candidates" organised by the market 

This quote would make a good message for a placard!

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